Bop Technology


Our Vision

As a professional engineering and lighting installations, after seeing and analyzing the various technologies available on the market we realized that the current lighting systems do not meet the real requirements requested by current market:

Efficiency · Energy savings · Reduce Environmental Impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform their needs into solutions, moving from paper to reality thanks to a unique product, innovative, efficient, durable and sustainable:

PLEP Europe is a company formed by professionals from different fields: engineering, lighting, and facilities management stems from the joint experience acquired in the industrial sector and building both public and private.

Over 20 years of proven experience from professionals that integrate the various areas and involving more than 2,000 works.

We can say that the union between experience and new technology development ensures that our new and unique lighting system BOP (Base of Plasma) is the most technologically advanced products on the market.


The latest technology in the field of lighting

Light Efficiency 140 Lm / W
30% more light than a Led latest
Light uniform market
Loss of performance of 1% every 5 years


80% less consumption than the traditional lighting
30% less consumption LED lighting
More light with less energy


100,000 hours of life
24 hours, 365 days = 11.5 years guaranteed
· 10 h = 27 years 365 days
Maintenance free
Loss of performance of 6% at 27 years


The stronger Resistance to temperatures between -40oC and + 70oC

Resistance to shock vibration resistance Water resistance


Versatile and Quality
Angle of illumination over 180o opening
Operating range between 60 and 300 volts
Color temperature between 2,250 and 6,000 k Dimeritzable 100%


Versatile and Quality
Partly DRIVER 100 meters away


Commitment to Sustainable BOP


    • Warm atmosphere 30% less emission of heat Pedjada carbon Reducing CO2 emissions: 55% less than 25% less than traditional light LED light It contains no mercury or toxic gasess



    • Minimize light pollution Avoid light scattering Eradicate intrusive or annoying light



    • 100% recyclable product biodegradable material Sustainable waste management



    • The product has organic certification